The Project

World Monument Fund- Britain (WMF-B) has been awarded a grant from the European Development Fund (the “EDF Grant”)  to implement in partnership with Anglican Diocese of Zanzibar (ADZ)  the above mentioned project. WMF-B will be responsible for overall financial management of the Project and will manage visibility actions from its London office. Anglican Diocese of Zanzibar shall provide Euro 86,434 (the “ADZ Funds”) towards funding for the Project.  ADZ acknowledges that the provision of the ADZ Funds was a precondition to obtaining the EDF Grant.

Project Timetable: It is anticipated that the Project will have a duration of 32 months, having commenced on 1 October 2013.

Project Description:

Goals and Nature of the Project:

The purpose of the Project is to preserve Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar, and create a heritage centre marking the abolition of slavery at the Site (the “Heritage Centre”).

In this way, the Project will preserve a highly significant monument, and promote access to one of the most important heritage places in Tanzania. Telling the story of this dark chapter in the region’s history in an open and factual way will help bridge social and ethnic divides and promote tolerance, reconciliation and an inclusive society.

The process of creating the Heritage centre, and making it accessible to school children, who are the country’s future leaders, will promote interfaith and inter-communal dialogue and understanding.

The Site is an important tourist destination, and by improving visitor facilities at the site and making it more informative and stimulating, the tourism industry as a whole will benefit, creating jobs and wealth, and helping to reduce poverty.

The Project will be implemented in close collaboration with Project Partners. The main Project Partners are:

  • World Monuments Fund Britain – Responsible for overall project management and main grant recipient
  • Anglican Diocese of Zanzibar – Site owner and eventual operator of Heritage Centre
  • Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society – Responsible for training aspects of the Project and managing the stakeholder process.
  • Christian Engineers in Development Limited – Carried out structural analysis at Cathedral in 2007-08 and responsible for advising on structural repairs

    Activities involved in the Project

The Project will involve the following main activities:

   Structural Repairs and Preservation at Christ Church Cathedral

  • Structural Repairs: Carry out structural repairs to the main roof of the nave and repair of major crack systems, particularly in the west gable wall. An appropriately qualified contractor registered in Tanzania will be appointed to carry out the work.
  • Conservation of Building Fabric: Conservation of historic plaster surfaces on the exterior walls of the building.
  • Roof and Drainage Repairs: Repair or renovation of roof, as appropriate, and improvements to the existing drainage system from the roof.
  • Preparation of Conservation Management Plan for the Cathedral and the Site

    Heritage Centre at the Site

Creation of the Heritage Centre commemorating the abolition of slavery located on the ground floor of the annex of St. Monica’s Hostel (“St. Monica’s Hostel Annex”), consisting of the following main components:

  • Exhibition; Abolition of Slavery: Two rooms on the ground floor will be converted to permanent exhibition spaces telling the story of slavery and its abolition with images and text in Swahili and English.
  • Exhibition; Modern Slavery: One room on the ground floor will be converted to an exhibition about modern-day slavery including in the EU. Text will be in Swahili and English.
  • Audio visual Room: One room will be used for an audio-visual display about the site and including folk-memories of slavery, recorded on the mainland and Zanzibar.
  • Disabled Access: The Heritage Centre will be made accessible to disabled people. Provision will also be made for deaf and blind visitors.
  • Visitor Infrastructure at the Site: Installation of signage and information panels across the entire Site and renovation of toilets for visitors, provision of office space inside the main building for administrative functions and landscaping.
  • Training for Tour Guides: A minimum of 30 tour guides will participate in training. The Project will work closely with the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO) Training material will be developed as an extension of the exhibitions, and courses will be designed and led by  ZSTHS.
  • Training for Deaf Tour Guides: Training will be provided for at least 2 deaf tour guides, implemented by ADZ, working closely with Zanzibar Association for People with Disabilities (UWZ).

   Education Centre, Connected to Heritage Centre

Creation of an education centre linked thematically to the Heritage Centre (the “Education Centre”), to provide teaching material and access to information about the history of slavery for school children and students, consisting of the following main components:

  • Education Room: Targeted at younger children, the facility will provide visual, written and tactile materials and teaching aids. ZSTHS will advise on design of the teaching material working together with an educational advisor and ADZ.
  • Research Room: Targeted at older students, the facility will be a data resource, providing access to information on slavery, its historical context, the struggle to abolish it, etc. The Research Room will contain at least two computers with stored databases, and access to other data through the internet.

    Capacity Building for Civil Society

The purpose of this action is to build skills and capacity in civil society organisations, faith-based organisations and individuals working in the field of heritage management and preservation in Zanzibar Stone Town. The action consists of the following main activities

  •  Training for Craftspeople: Two training courses will be implemented, involving a minimum of 20 people. The Project will strive for gender balance, and at least 5 of the participants will be women. Training will be managed and implemented by ZSTHS at a site selected in consultation with ZSTHS, but the objective is to identify a historic building managed by the Wakf and use this as a training base, preserving it in the process.
  • Capacity building for faith-based organisations managing historic buildings: Improving management of heritage under the custodianship of religious organisations in Stone Town is an important objective of the Project. The Project will sponsor 4 students selected by the Wakf and 4 selected by the ADZ to attend the Certificate course in Heritage Management at the University of Dar es Salaam. In addition, craftspeople from the Wakf and ADZ will participate in the crafts training course run by ZSTHS.

   Visibility actions in EU Member States

The purpose of this action is to raise awareness within EU member states of Zanzibar’s unique heritage and the role the EC is playing in preserving it. The action consists of the following main activities:

  • Raise Awareness through the Media within the EU
  • Travelling Temporary Exhibition about the Site and Project in UK
  • Coordination with ‘EC Strategy towards Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Link with National Museum of Scotland to mark the bicentenary of David Livingstone’s birth.


Project Progress update 30-09-2015:

The Anglican Diocese of Zanzibar(ADZ), in partnership with World Monuments Fund Britain, on October 1st 2013 embarked on a project to preserve Christ Church Cathedral, Zanzibar, create a Heritage Center commemorating the abolition of slavery and secure the site for future generations. We are pleased to inform you that the ADZ has been able to raise our part of the grant which was 86,434 euros through the support of donors, friends and well wishers.

We would like to thank all our friends, donors and well wishers for helping us ensure this balance was raised in good time. We are grateful for your prayers and for standing with us at this critical moment.
Conservation work on the exterior walls and roof is finished and a new roof has been installed, we are now working on the inside of the church.

However the project scope did not include the clock, stained glass windows, altar and the spire. The repairs on the spire have been estimated at estimated at 30,000€, the spire is the principal outward face of the Cathedral. We find ourselves again in need of your support to raise the necessary funds to complete the whole cathedral restoration process.
Next Phase:
The next phase on the Cathedral restoration process is underway, we have finished the inside of the church’s complete wiring and electric fitting as well as installing new lights, cleaning & scratching walls, applied a new coat of paint and the installation of a wireless sound system is next.
We have now moved on to the third phase which is working on the Heritage Center. Work in this phase shall include conservation of the building fabric that is repairing the eroded walls, grouting of cracks, painting, electrical wiring and fitting, among other things and alterations of some walls to provide accessibility for people living with disabilities, as well as designing all aspect of the Education Room.