Christian Sports Club ZANZIBAR (CHRISC ZANZIBAR) originally was part of CHRISC Tanzania. It is youth sport organisation, which was founded June 7, 2003 by James Philip Kaleza with original 19 members mostly Christian from Zanzibar denominations. Now there are about 85 members from all faiths. The idea came after realization that sports is better bridge which allows young generation crossing over to sustainable development and a way and means of building religious tolerance. Most of CHRISC ZANZIBAR participants are marginalized young people come from poor families, single parents and school drop outs whose parents cannot afford paying schooling fees due to financial inability. CHRISC ZANZIBAR was officially registered on December 20, 2016 accordance with the provisions of the Zanzibar Sport Council Act No. 5 of 2010 and has been accepted and entered under the Registration Number ZNCS/REG/1298/2016. CHRISC ZANZIBAR though is Christian in outlook, yet open to everyone and does not discriminates on basis of religion, gender, race, ability or disability, and yet is a non-political and non-profit organisation embracing youths of age between 12 and 45 years.



Stable and prospered community through sports


A leading organization involving existing opportunities to achieve prosperity and development of sportswomen and sportsmen through sports, education, culture and piety.


  • Gender equality
  • Economic independence
  • Sustainable development
  • National and international cooperation enhancement
  • Religious tolerance, and
  • Promotion of cultural values.


CHRISC ZANZIBAR Main Activities:

  • This includes sports mainly football and volleyball
  • Leadership trainings through seminars on HIV/AIDS, substance abuse prevention, interfaith dialogue.
  • Member participant of annual East Africa Cup Tournament that happens in Moshi since its inception in 2014.
  • Participates in Central League of Zanzibar in the Urban District conducted by Zanzibar Football Association since 2006 and won a title in 2007 and 2008 and became second place twice.
  • Its supports its members in income generating activities. Has supported poultry project in the past and t-shirt designing project and event management. These projects aim at gain income for running CHRISC ZANZIBAR programmes on one hand while on the other hand to gain income to members. Hence to struggle economic independence.

Achievements and Awards

  1. Best in 6 teams of Central League in the Urban District in 2006- 2007 season
  2. Champion of Knockout League Urban District in 2007-2008 season
  3. Champion of Central League Urban District in 2008-2009
  4. Champion of East Africa Cup (U16 Boys) in 2010
  5. Champion of the Local League (Goat league) 2010
  6. Under 13 (Juvenile) and U19 (Central) became second place in the Urban District ZFA Central League year 2011-2012
  7. Under 13 team Champion of Bonanza First Day of The African Child, Zanzibar 2011.



  • The most outstanding challenge is low level of education of participants that has contributed to high rate of unemployment of CHRISC ZANZIBAR members.
  • The second biggest challenge is participation of girls in sports; this is rooted in the perception of sport and culture in the religion perspective, where girls are required not openly show up in publics except for the religion purposes.
  • Sports uniforms and equipments is another major challenge, the main source of income we rely on contributions of very few well wishers that seldom support balls only. Many thanks to the Fairfield Rotary Club which supported 30 participants with shoes and stockings in 2012 and also to the Bishop of Anglican Church of Zanzibar that helps in office space and hosting CHRISC ZANZIBAR page.