St Monica Nursery And Primary School

The Diocese has two schools which are St. Monica Nursery and Primary school which is located within the Cathedral compound at Mkunazini, the other school is St. Barnabas’ nursery school which is under Mahonda parish. The Diocese is also reclaiming the former St. Monica primary School (Now Mkunanzini School) which was confiscated by the government early 1964. If we regain the building we will extend the primary and secondary education there.

Plans are underway to build the secondary school at Kiungani area.

St Monica Nursery and Primary School:

St Monica Primarily School located at Mkunazini was established in 1987 at former slave market site after realising that there was a great market potential to offer education services and contribute to the Government and private sector efforts to promote education in Unguja Island. St Monica primary is day school with 172 children in both nursery and primary school, Out of whom 110 are in nursery section.

The School is managed by a school head teacher assisted by seven Class Teachers. The school adopts an enhanced programme but abides to the Zanzibar Curriculum. The school has started a programme of offering education opportunities to the Adults and working class who were not able to advance with studies for various reasons.

Mission Of The School
To be the leading provider of quality education in Zanzibar regardless of faith at all times meeting the Government educational standards as well educational needs of Children.

Objectives of the school:

To have a well equipped and established Library for the school by 2018

To have a well equipped and established Laboratory for the school by 2018
To have a sustainable intake of more than 50 Children per year
To establish an Adult education training centre and resource centre for continuing of education by 2011.

Saint Monica Nursery And Primary School is one of the leading private schools in the Island. Last year it held the second position in overall performance beating 177 schools in Zanzibar. The big challenge that the school faces now is transportation for its students. Two buses are needed which will cost not less than one hundred million shillings equivalent to U.S dollar 62,500. As a partner and friend in education we kindly request your financial support for the school.

Information on how you can help, please contact the following:

Email: archbold[a]
Mobile: +255 718 276 772
Addrees: P.O.Box 5 Kiungani, Zanzibar,Tanzania
Tel : +255 242 235 348
Fax : +255 242 236 772